Race Day 1 in Barcelona, new challenges for all

Juli 21, 2010 @ 18:09:57   Foto © Stefano Gattini_Studio Borlenghi/Audi MedCup

Camper Regatta

1 AV 2

A three race opener for the TP52's and practice race for the GP42's

Today three races are scheduled for the TP52 Series as the Camper Regatta - Conde de Godó Trophy - Barcelona gets under way. The GP42 Series fleet will have two practice starts with their sequences at 1300hrs before the first ever TP52 circuit races off Barcelona start.

The breeze is forecast to be a little more left than yesterday starting at around 110-130 degrees moving right through as the temperatures rise. Maximum wind speed will be around 1500hrs when there might be up to eleven knots.

12:00    06-08kts    110-130 degrees.
13:00    05-08kts    120-140    
14:00    06-09kts    150-160    
15:00    07-11kts    160-180    
16:00    06-10kts    160-180    
17:00    04-07kts    150-170    
18:00    04-07kts    150-170    

Last night there was a massive launch party for the regatta attended by 700 people at the Audi MedCup regatta village on the Moll de La Fusta.

TeamOrigin won yesterday's practice race which was raced with the breeze running more parallel to the shore, with Barcelona city lying to the right of the race track. Today the breeze is forecast to be more SE'ly and so perhaps not as influenced by the land.

"We will probably see 8-10knots with the breeze a bit more SE'ly gradient, keeping things a bit more left than in the days leading up to thist regatta so that will be interesting, a few new things to figure out I guess. The race area is good, home for me, which does not mean to say I know it that well but I'm learning every day." says Simon Fisher (GBR) Cristabella's (GBR) Barcelona based navigator.


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