Andy Vs. Kelly in the Mentawais by TransWorld SURF

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Andy Irons

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OCEANSIDE, California - Andy Irons and Kelly Slater: two names that have conclusively dominated the surfing world for the past decade. ASP World Titles, the greatest competitive rivalry in history, barrels, airs, girls and more. These two icons have vaulted professional surfing into the limelight and their performances in the water have solidified their respective places in history. The Brain Trust over at TransWorld SURF came up with the idea to kidnap these two phenoms and whisk them away to the Mentawais for some ripping and reflection, and they even got Sal Masakela from the E Network to pen the findings (neat). While the full story won’t come out until the next issue, they’ve given us a taste online first. This...is their story...

A Fly In The Champagne: After A Decade Of Bitter Rival Status, Kelly Slater And Andy Irons Come Together And Surf Off Their Differences.

An excerpt from A Fly In The Champagne authored by Sal Masekela: “Nobody was expecting this trip to happen. To get two seemingly mortal enemies to agree to sequester themselves on a tiny island with a half-dozen cameramen, a Hollywood interviewer capable of conjuring up tears during any interview, and an in-the-know magazine staff waiting with bated breath seemed like a ridiculous notion. Despite hectic schedules, preconceived notions, and the most heated rivalry in modern surf history, somehow it...


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