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Rapidfire whitewater SUP

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This is a Standup Paddleboard I've wanted to work on for sometime... since I started the Cayuco project for Dragorossi, I've wanted to do a "whitewater SUP" that is targeted less to "river running" and more on surfing "river waves with the ability to run rivers". While this board will not even be close to the Cayuco in ease and forgiveness for running hard whitewater, it has the flipside advantage of being closer to ocean style boards for wave surfing.

That being said, this board has a lot of the "hull design" features that I was developing back in the late 1990's for kayaking - boats like the Glide and Disco with the "anti trip" rails through the center and the nose of the board. But the tail is all surfboard. Thruster fin set-up tops off the double barrel concave through the boards center into a shallow V release in the tail. The volume of the board in the center through the nose is as high as could be made, with "fat" sidewalls offering maximum secondary stability, while the tail is cut down as radically as possible so it'll slice and dice the waves.

I've added footstraps in the center of the board to offer better control so edgiong can be accomplished much like a kayak thigh brace or snowboard - push and pull. I've capped this off by making the board out of Kevlar so its resistant to the rocky environment of rivers. It'll never be even close to plastic in this reguard... but its better than nothing. This board is 9'6" x 29" x 6".

Enjoy! / Corran Addison www.imaginesurfboards.com


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