Decisive Décision 35 regatta on Lake Geneva starts tomorrow

September 17, 2009 @ 20:42:58   Foto Loris von Siebenthal


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Ernesto Bertarelli and his crew return to Lake Geneva this weekend for the two-day Grand Prix Beau-Rivage Palace regatta. Alinghi SUI1 will race the 10-strong fleet of Décision 35s in Lausanne-Ouchy for this weekend’s competition; the eighth and last in the Challenge Julius Baer championship. 

With only 2 points lead over its next rival, Okalys-Corum, also helmed by Alinghi team member Loïck Peyron, and 4 points ahead of Alain Gautier’s Foncia, another Alinghi team member, anything can happen. 

On Sunday, the 11 competing Décision 35 catamarans will race some exhibition races and the prize giving will be open to the public, by the shore of Ouchy. 

Alinghi.com spoke to Yves Detrey, bowman and mastman onboard Alinghi SUI1, who explains what has helped the team so far to maintain the leading position: “So far, we have been very regular in our performance and we need to keep this performance trend this weekend. I think the key is to be regular and to try to avoid bad races as this can easily cost a team winning the season.” 

The weather forecast brings high pressure with chances of rain and light winds.


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